Valencian ”Barraca”. The pure image of Valencia.

A typical building of Valencia, ”La barraca”.

The ”Barraca” is a typical buiding of Valencia, which has the purpose of giving home to farm workers, due to its location in the vegetable garden area. Área Marítima Real Estate Services since 1989 will explain the examples of barracas in the coastal area of Valencia (nowadays it is almost in the same area of the actual coastal area of Valencia). Those types of buildings, barracas are much more typical in the area of Albufera of Valencia ( Huerta of Valencia, la Ribera Alta y La Ribera Baja). La Albufera, el Cabañal, El Palmar, El Perello y Alboraya are one of the areas that f_531656061-3102853407have those typical Valencian constructions.

The building is rectangular, approximately 9×5 metres, with a rectangular roof, which have a very sharp angle, in order to drain the water from raining, which is very typical in that area, with a rectangular trestle (usually South-oriented) which are located in the lowest sides.

For its construction, they use easy-found materials in that area, such as: clay, cane, etc. The walls are built with sun-dried brick, the roof is made of wattle and straw.
The distribution is always the same: one door, located next to the facade, which gives access to a spacious entrance, which goes through the entire ”barraca” and ends in the other door, the contrary facade, which makes the air circulaiton easier. This hallway can be a kitchen, a bedroom or a box room. The attic can be accessed through the staircase.

Nowadays, it is used like a building for the farm workers that work in areas, located far away from the actual city.

The ”barraca” is one of the building for farm workers and fisherman of the area of Valencia. For that, there are two different types of imagesconstructions: the ”hortelano” type, which is built right next to the vegetable patch, and the fishermans, which is built next to the closest area of the coast. In spite of that, in areas such as L’Albufera, you can find both types of buildings, due to the fact that there you can find both types of works.