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Currently, due to the economic situation in Spain, property prices have fallen considerably. If you are not a Spanish resident and intend to buy a house in Spain, Área Marítima, S.L. shows you the steps to be taken:

First of all, the transaction requires you to justify the origin of the money used to purchase the property. On the other hand, one of the steps to be carried out is to open a Spanish bank account and then transfer the money from your bank account in your country of residence, to the bank account you have opened in Spain.10286539-caja-fuerte-pequena-con-monedas-de-oro-como-un-simbolo-del-microcredito-en-los-bancos-y-el-almacenam

  Once you have decided to buy, the next step is to make a “firm bid”, this means to record in a document an amount agreement between both the seller and the buyer and it will be deducted from the final price of the property (Known as Signal Document). The Real State will set the price at which you will buy the house, and the day and place to sign before the Notary.

To be able to sign at the notary and if you are a non-resident in Spain, you will need the signal document and another document that the notary will facilitate. With such documentation both parties will have to address the Local Police Station (Policia Nacional) to apply for the NIE (Foreigner’s identification number)contrato-venta

 Currently, in about 10 days from the date of your request it will be available, and will be valid for three months, only for property sale. Once we have the NIE, the last step is to go to the notary and enforce the sale of the property. In that same moment Area Marítima S.L will give you the keys and you will become the owner!