Nowadays, given the situation in the Real Estate business, it is impossible to say with exactitude how long will it take for a flat to be sold, as it happens frequently, with first visit of the flat with the client, is the perfect moment to sell the flat. When a client makes an offer, almost never the owner accepts the price, due to the flat not being a long time in the market, the owners think that there will be other clients, which will accept the initial price, but they are wrong!
Therefore, they lose a great opportunity to sell quickly an apartment, because usually if the owners don’t accept the first offer, later on it’s harder to sell the flat, it is the Murphy’s law, as it is even harder to sell the flat and it becomes a longer process.
Consequently, Murphy’s law becomes reality…when the owner does not accept the first offer (as long as that offer doesn’t seem obscene), therefore, the flat can’t be sold for a few months, even years.
Therefore, dear owners of flats and houses, think twice before you decline an offer, due to the situation in Spain and the image that the Europeans have of us: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Area Maritima L.S. after 25 years working in the Real Estate business in the cost of Valencia, more specifically, in the are of El Cabañal and La Malvarrosa, I can surely say that I have heard things like:
– I’m not going to gift my house.

– I’m not in a hurry to sell my flat

– With that price I prefer closing the flat and leave it like that.

– With that price, I prefer giving the flat to my son.

– With that price, I prefer burning the flat.

– I am not a charitable organisation.

– I do not want to sell the house for that price.

– I’d better wait 5 more years, because the prices will increase.

As @lauradrg says in her blog: La casa x la ventanа.